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Wild Food Kuusamo Lapland

Special menus

Cosy and welcoming atmosphere

At our Private Restaurant Klubi you will have a flavourful experience with genuine, traditional wild food. We prepare homely and tasty meals using clean Finnish and especially locally produced ingredients. Potatoes from our own patch, wild berries from the backyard forest, fish from local lakes and baked cheese from the neighbouring farm. This is the secret of Isokenkäisten Klubi home-cooked meals.

In addition to locally-grown quality ingredients, we take pride in the fact that our dishes are handmade in the Klubi kitchen, using carefully modernized traditional family recipes. One of our family traditions is hospitality: at our Klubi, the dinner table is always abundant. Meals can also be served at our Lappish hut Helekuta (max. 15 people, advance booking required).

The proximity to nature and wilderness provide a special setting for all parties and company events. Our delicious meals can be served at our comfortable Sali (for 75 people) and at our cosy Tupa (for 15 people). More than 90 people can sit down together to enjoy a lovely moment and a sumptuous meal.

  • 1. Very Slowly Glow-fried Salmon in Helekuta Hut
    53 €/person

    Leek soup flavoured with cold-smoked reindeer: Puréed leek-onion-potato soup with chips of cold-smoked reindeer
    Helekuta’s glow-fried salmon: Local salmon cooked slowly by the fire in our traditional Lappish hut.
    Served with curd cream sauce, Lappish potatoes,
    season’s vegetables and lemon slices
    Sweet berry dream: Fresh, crushed blueberries and biscuit crumbs with cream,
    flavoured with berry liqueur
    Note: minimum group size 5 people

  • 2. Delicacies from Northeastern Wilderness
    51,50 €/person

    Hostess salad: Smoky cheese from Kuusamo, marinated carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet pepper, pickled cucumber
    Whitefish fresh from the lake: Whitefish fillets fried in butter with lime sauce, vegetables and Lappish potatoes
    Forest berry tart with berry melba sauce:Sweet berry tart with shortcrust pastry

  • 3. The Best Flavours of the Forest
    62,50 €/person

    Forest mushroom soup: Wild mushrooms from the border zone simmered into a creamy soup
    Reindeer fillet: Tender reindeer fillet rolled in bacon, served with lingonberry sauce, herb-flavoured root vegetables, potatoes and blackcurrant jam
    Caramel-flavoured baked cheese with cloudberries:Finnish baked cheese in caramel sauce, served with cloudberries

  • 4. Forester’s Supper
    54,50 €/person

    House salad with salmon: Rawpickled salmon, mushrooms in balsamic marinade, pickled red onion, cucumber, dill
    Hunter’s venison rolls: Venison rolls filled with a mix of forest mushrooms, bacon and onion, served with cranberry sauce, honey-glazed root vegetables, wedge potatoes and crushed lingonberries
    Marinated forest berries: Forest berries marinated in berry liqueur and served with vanilla cream

  • 5. The Best of the House
    50,50 €/person

    Cheese soup and croutons: The Klubi hostess’s secret recipe for delicious cheese soup with croutons
    Roast beef à la Klubi: Roast beef marinated in red wine, cognac-pepper sauce, tarragon-flavoured carrots and garlic potatoes
    Chocolate-cloudberry mousse and cloudberries: A creamy mousse made from dark chocolate and cloudberries, the unique arctic speciality

  • 6. Klubi Host’s Favourites
    48,50 €/person

    Akso salmon tartare: Rawpickled salmon, red onion, chives and brown bread with sour cream spread 
    Sautéed reindeer à la Klubi Host: Sautéed reindeer fillet served with mashed potatoes, homemade lingonberry jelly and pickled gherkins
    Lingonberry dream:Crushed lingonberries, caramel-flavoured cream and fresh lingonberries

  • 7. Vegemenu
    Wild mushroom soup with roasted seeds
    Beetroot-black beans patties and herbal sauce
    Roasted vegetables and potato wedges
    Forrest berry marinated in berry liqueur and served with vanilla cream
  • Menu of the day
    46 €/hlö

    Starter, main course and dessert, coffee/tea

All menus include house bread, spread and water.
We reserve the right to make changes.