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Isokenkäisten Klubi is situated at the foot of Kuntivaara Fell, by Lake Heikinjärvi, surrounded by the Kuusamo wilderness. The Klubi is built appreciating tradition and local raw materials, to last from father to daughters. A remote place with a Lappish hut and smoke sauna has grown into a private location of peace and tranquillity, a haven for visitors who appreciate nature and delicious food.

As the Klubi is built in a responsible and sustainable way, so is the whole operation of the company conducted in such a way as to disturb the surrounding nature as little as possible. In addition to wood from our own forests, recycled materials have been utilised in the construction of our buildings. Wastewater is treated in our own plant. The food served in our restaurant is planned in accordance with what is in season, and ingredients are procured as efficiently and locally as possible. Even tableware is high-quality Finnish design, with supplementary parts purchased both new and second hand.

Appreciation of tranquility and nature is present in everything we do. Let’s have more memories and less matter. Today and in the future.