Wild Food Kuusamo Lapland

Private restau­rant Klubi

Tasty journey to the genuine, traditional cuisine of Kuusamo
Ingredients such as wild berries, herbs and mushrooms are foraged from the nearby forests, the fish from local lakes, game meat and other ingredients from local hunters and farmers.

In addition to locally-grown quality ingredients, we take pride in the fact that our dishes are handmade in the Klubi kitchen, using carefully modernized traditional family recipes. One of our family traditions is hospitality: at our Klubi, the dinner table is always abundant.

Meals can also be served at our Lappish hut Helekuta (max. 15 people, advance booking required).

Atmosphere of cosy comfort

At Isokenkäisten Klubi your celebrations or company events are inspired by the presence of nature. Enjoy our delicious meals served in the comfortable dining hall (seats 75), or in the cosy lounge (seats 15), or by the open fire in our Lappish hut (seats 15). All in all, here up to 90 people can have a tasty meal and enjoy the moment together.

  • Advance booking required
  • Restaurant Klubi, the smoke sauna and the Lappish hut are licenced for alcoholic drinks
  • Low lactose products are used in our kitchen
  • Please let us know of any special diets when making your reservation
  • Delicious meals to your home or cabin from our catering service. Ask for details!

Russian style dinner

Alongside the delicious food you will experience an authentic Russian-inspired atmosphere. The Russian Feast has four courses, starting with a glass of sparkling wine. 

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Kota Cooking with open fire

A kota is a Lappish tee-pee style hut, resembling the dwellings of the Sámi people when they still lived as nomads. In the middle of the Kota there is a big open fire place on which we will prepare a delicious 3 course Wild Food meal together and learn a lot about local cuisine in between. 

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Christmas Eve Dinner

Welcome to spend a traditional Christmas Eve at Isokenkäisten Klubi. We spend the evening in a homely, relaxed and cosy atmosphere in the middle of the forest surrounded by snow-heavy trees and Santa’s little helpers peaking through the windows.

Isokenkäisten mulled and sparkling wineIsokenkäisten mulled and sparkling wine

Isoken­käisten mulled and sparkling wine

Own production made of local berries

Mulled wine

You can taste local, wild crowberries and the secret recipe of Klubi hostesses’ in this delicious non-alcoholic mulled wine. Best enjoeyd together with friends!

Sparkling wine

Local crowberry is also the main ingredient of this beautiful-coloured sparkling wine. Enjoy a glass of this non-alcoholic sparkling on your special day, on a long breakfast or serve as a welcoming drink to your friends. We serve our Kupliva as our welcoming drink to our guests staying a night in our Aurora Hut.

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