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Ihaile revontulia

Activities all year round

Seven Star Smoke Sauna

2 hours

Bathing in an authentic smoke sauna is a unique experience. Combine it with a peat treatment and a dip in the lake, in summer from the pier or in winter through a hole in the ice.

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Dinner at Eastern Border

Klubi’s special dinner

3 hours

Your hostesses, Katja and Sirpa, will tell you about life and food traditions of the border zone. Together with our delicious food you will experience an authentic atmosphere and enjoy a few sips of Vodka. The feast of four courses traditionally starts with a glass of bubbles. 

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Arctic lunch

3 hours

Come enjoy a three-course lunch in a traditional Lappish hut. Local food culture, the customs of Kuusamo and everyday life.

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Sleighride through a winter wonderland

2,5 hours

Experience the breathtaking scenery of Kuntivaara. This snowmobile sledge safari will take you through the vast areas of Kuusamo wilderness. There is plenty of beautiful untouched nature to see. 

Snowshoe hike through the white forest

1,5 hours

Our snowshoe trail takes you through the quiet and glimmering snow-covered forest. On the way we will stop here and there to explore animal tracks. Even in winter, life goes on in the forest, under the thick cover of snow. You guide will give instructions and tell you about snowshoeing before we start for the woods. The five-kilometre hike lasts approximately one hour.

Winter fishing – local meditation

about 1,5 h

Ice fishing ” local meditation” is indeed a Finnish hobby that almost all local people do. Now is your chance to try your luck on ice-fishing. Our guide introduces the gear to you and teaches you the tricks of ice fishing. After drilling a hole into the lake and setting up your fishing jigs “pilkki”, you may catch perch, whitefish or pike. Many Finns enjoy fishing for the peaceful moments it offers in nature. For some it is a way to spend time with friends and family, and some enjoy it most when done alone. Catching fish is the goal, but not the only reason to go out on the lake. 

Snowmobile safaris in winter landscape

In cooperation with our partners in Ruka-Kuusamo area, we organize memorable snowmobile safaris tailored to suit the interests of your group. There are 500 kilometres of maintained snowmobile tracks in the magnificent Kuusamo wilderness. The network of tracks extends to the Isokenkäisten Klubi area.

Evening with friends

Every day is a good day to get your friends together and have a party. An evening of comfort and fun is easy to organise – just lean back and let us take care of the arrangements. You and your friends can focus on having a lovely evening together in the relaxing surroundings of IKK.

Get-together min. 6 people.
Incl. sauna, toiletries, towels, swimming place and dinner.

Team recreation activities at Klubi

1,5 -2 hours

The fun-filled adventure track at Klubi will speed up your holiday or enliven a conference day. Our activities include exciting and amusing exercises in the midst of the rugged northern wilderness. The content of the event varies from season to season, and it is specially tailored for each group.


In the realm of the King of the Forest

Bear watching and wildlife photography between May and August

The sun shines warmly, days grow longer, and bears start waking up from their winter dens in Kuusamo. We are in the realm of the King of the Forest. See bears and other wild forest animals in the northern wilderness, right near the Russian border, and stay in a comfortable wilderness hotel or cabin. This experience will not be forgotten.

Our package includes accommodation in Wilderness Hotel Kortteeri, breakfasts, and guided bear-watching program. The King of the Forest is worth a visit

High above the rainbow at Kuntivaara hill

2,5 hours

This guided hike takes you close to the Russian border, to the top of Kuntivaara Hill (460 m). The trail takes you along small forest paths and footbridges, through old growth forest. From the top opens a breath-taking view which reaches all the way to Russia. We will have a picnic lunch in a Lappish hut by an open fire, high above the rainbow. This five-kilometre, three-hour hike is suitable for everybody. The best hiking season is in spring, summer and autumn.

Live like a local, go to the forest in search of forest treasures

about 2,5 hours

This trip takes you to the roots of Finnish lifestyle. For ages Finns have caught food from pure nature. Depending on season, there can be plenty of blueberries, cloudberries, lingonberries etc. and wild herbs and mushrooms (season for berries around July – September). The guides will know the best places in the nearest forest for picking real wild super food. You learn more about Lappish nature and the ways how Finns are using these forest healthy treasures. After the excursion, we enjoy juice and homemade pastries by the fire.
This is a good programme before kota- cooking.

Husky Hiking

Experience the beautiful nature of Kuusamo with the Siberian huskies, who love to take walks. Hiking with huskies is more intensive than normal walking because the dogs are very eager to study the surroundings. Guide tells you general information about husky dogs and will give you instructions on how to harness your huskies for a walk by 1 dog / 2 persons. The dog is attached to the customer’s waist.

We walked the forest trail and the road for about 1,5 hours (we chose the route according to the wishes of  clients). Feel the friendship with your companion and enjoy the beauty of nordic Lapland. Walking in the forest with husky dogs is definitely a great experience.
Keep in mind that dogs are husky dogs and naturally husky dogs that can not be given if clients have any joint or other injury.

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