Sauna Bathing, a Blissful Feeling

Sauna from Finland Association has awarded the first sauna experience with quality certificates. IKK's seven-star traditional smoke sauna is one of the Certificates treated saunas.

Finland's best sauna experience is now audited cleanliness, multisensory, authenticity and relaxation angles. Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience certification communicates that the sauna experience is the quality level of world-class.

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Seven Star Smoke Sauna

Before you have experienced it, you cannot understand the blissful feeling which takes over the body after a bath in a smoke sauna. The gentle warmth and scent of our Seven Star Smoke Sauna leaves you with an ever-lasting memory. Our sauna master takes care of heating the sauna, and he also knows how to make the traditional, fragrant birch whisks. The sauna is heated with dry birch logs that come from our own forest.Heating a smoke sauna is not a job for a busy man. Bathing in a smoke sauna is a unique experience, with peat moss treatment and a dip in the lake water, in summer from the pier, in winter through a hole in the ice. All this leaves a wonderful, relaxed feeling to the entire body.

In summer it is lovely to cool down on the terrace, admire the sunset and take a dip in the cool and clear lake water. In winter the terrace is illuminated by Northern Lights and thousands of stars. They are clearly visible in the dark night sky, with no city lights to disturb the view. The refreshing dip into the icy lake water is an experience you will never forget.

The Isokenkäisten Klubi Seven Star Smoke Sauna is located near the main building, on the shore of Lake Heikinjärvi. The sauna seats 15 people.

Price 75 €/person, 37,50 €/children 4 - 11 years
Incl. sauna, towels, birch whisks, peat masks, shampoo and soap, swimming place

Snacks to the saunas

We serve snacks to the saunas, sauna sausages and house salad, or a savoury Klubi pie (fish or meat) and salad. Our saunas are licenced for alcoholic drinks.

There are different ways to approach the experience: slow & silent, wild & free, alive & strong – or anything in between. You can choose your saunas, spice it up with a little action plus some arctic gourmet and take a tour – or let us design the experience for you. There are nine fantastic saunas, but all of them in one day is only for the bravest.

Well-being for all senses

Isokenkäisten Klubi is located in the midst of nature, by a wilderness lake only two kilometres from the Russian border. The pure and untouched nature surrounding the Klubi is an endless source of peace and tranquillity. Isokenkäisten Klubi is an excellent venue for silence retreats, and for travellers who are looking for an unhurried place to stay.

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