Pampering and treatments

There are many individual, refreshing and pampering treatments available at Isokenkäisten Klubi. The treatments are performed with Novisan products. Book yourself a moment of pampering from us!

Pampering and sauna treatments combined with relaxing sauna bath

Happy Matryoshkas

Consists of enjoying the sauna heated for the ladies by the matron of the house, footbaths, honey face and body masks, and Maatuskan Evakkotaival (Matryoshka’s Evacuation Journey) sauna beverages. The procedure ends with a pampering treatment comprising a foot-cream massage, a Matryoshka therapeutic mask, and a caressing head massage.

Pearl of the Eastern Border

Aromatic herbal footbaths, organic beverages and light pampering treatments for everybody. You can choose a refreshing head massage or a relaxing foot treatment with a mix of tangerine and rosemary.

Touch of Bear’s Paw

Refreshing forest-flavoured footbaths with spruce oil, Luolakarhun klaani (Bear Lair Clan) beverages and thermotherapy with grain compresses for every member of the group. The treatment ends with a neck and shoulder massage.
* Massages 10-15 min./ person

Min. 4 people.

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