Our Traditional Christmas Dinner

True Christmas spirit comes from being in the heart of the wilderness, under the starry sky and the blazing northern lights, surrounded by snow-covered nature. At Isokenkäisten Klubi, up to 80 people can gather together to enjoy this special time of the year. We will arrange Christmas entertainment according to your wishes. You are also welcome to bring your own entertainment.

  • To begin with

    Klubi mulled wine (non-alcoholic)
  • Delicious starters from fish and meat

    Rawpickled salmon with mustard-dill sauce

    Selection of pickled herrings
Elf’s favourite roe delicacy
Country style liver paté with homemade lingonberry jelly 
    Herb-marinated roast turkey

  • Main courses

    Traditional Finnish Christmas ham with Christmas apple sauce
    and cognac mustard
Boiled potatoes, peas, plums
Swede casserole and carrot casserole
Beetroot and blue cheese casserole

  • Desserts

    Lingonberry cake and gingerbreads
Coffee, teaThe Christmas meal includes drinks (homemade beer, milk, juice and water) and a selection of house breads and spreads. We reserve the right to make changes.

We reserve the right to make changes.

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