Christmas Week in Isokenkäisten Klubi

Isokenkäisten Klubi is located close to the Russian border, only two kilometers away from the border zone. It is remote from most places and it really requires strong attitude and brave minds of the two lovely ladies to run this place on their own, all year around.

Sirpa and Katja always greet the guests with a smile and mostly guests even know their names before arriving. Personal contact with the guests has always been guidelines of the service here at Isokenkäisten Klubi. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, it is like coming to grandmother’s house, with traditional decoration wooden floors… in no time guests are walking around in woolen socks indoors and snuggling up by the fire place… and feeling at home. The surrounding is a stunning winter fairytale, the high and narrow trees, which are typical for the area, are packed with snow and together with the hilly country side landscape they create a winter wonderland.



Transfer by coach to Isokenkäisten Klubi.

Check-in to the rooms and dinner and information at the Klubi Restaurant.

Already on your arrival evening you will notice that this is a haven for wellbeing, the atmosphere is very relaxed, homely and as cozy as at grandmothers house. As a welcome gift you will get woolen socks, you can wear them around the house during your stay and of course you will bring them home with you!


Breakfast at the Klubi Restaurant.

This is a super fun program for everyone! Your guide gives you the basic instructions on how to forest-ski and snowshoe. We set out into the fairytale forest around the Klubi, across frozen lakes and through the snowy forests. In the forest we make a campfire and have hot drinks and snacks in this amazing peaceful wilderness, your guide tells you all about the wonders of the Arctic life.
Duration: 4,5 hrs Dinner at Klubi Restaurant. Possibility to enjoy the indoors (electric) sauna at the Klubi.


Breakfast at the Klubi Restaurant.

It is time to try your luck in ice-fishing. This is the favorite pass-time of many locals, when you sit there midst the beautiful scenery; there are no hurries or worries in the world. You use a rod and jig leisurely. Our guide is an experienced fisherman and during the fishing experience you will get the possibility to use hooks, jigs and nets. Your guide shows how to prepare the fish for cooking and you can taste your delicious catch.

After the lunch your guide will take you to the small adventure. You will take the Kick sledges and head to the forest for searching a Christmas tree. This is an old Finnish tradition that families has done together.
Duration: 4-5hrs Luch at Klubi Restaurant. Dinner at Klubi Restaurant. Possibility to enjoy the indoors (electric) sauna at the Klubi.


Breakfast at the Klubi Restaurant.

The atmosphere at Klubi is something special for the Christmas celebration. There no hurry, the candles are lightning the outdoors and inside of Klubi. You can feel and smell the Christmas. We start our day with decorating the Christmas tree and baking the seasonal cookies with Sirpa and Katja. The Klubi will get a nice Christmas scent.

After the baking, we have a lunch at Klubi and of course possibility to taste the cookies. Afternoon you will have a relaxing Christmas sauna. In the evening we will enjoy of the traditional Finnish Christmas Dinner.


Breakfast at the Klubi Restaurant.

We start off to explore the area by car with a local guide. First stop is the local reindeer farm. The owner will tell us about the life on the farm and you will learn about the reindeer herding and about the lovely reindeers. After a short course of the reindeer driving, you will sit to the sleigh and drive a reindeer.

One of the desired highlights of all Lapland travelers is to see the Northern Lights. These amazing color formations that brighten up the northern skies are connected to many myths and stories but also interesting facts about the space. We cannot guarantee you the Northern Lights, but we will hear about the myths and beliefs and get the feeling of Northern Lights in a special “Kota” next to the reindeer farm.

We will enjoy the lunch at the farm. We continue to busy ski resort of Ruka. You will be given time for individual exploring or you will have opportunity to take part to optional programs.
Duration: 8 hrs Dinner at the Klubi Restaurant. Possibility to enjoy the indoors (electric) sauna at the Klubi.

Optional programs

Scenery Snowmobile Safari: Experience the breathtaking sceneries of Ruka Fell. The route will take you to the most beautiful natural sights at Ruka. We will take a break at a wilderness hut and enjoy the silence of the great outdoors. A picnic lunch will be served at the campsite. Classification Average. Approximate duration 3 hours Drive 30 km Price incl. equipment, gasoline, picnic lunch, guiding

Ice Karting Race: Ice Karting is a totally new driving experience! Driven on an outdoor ice track with studded tires, it's an activity where technical skill beats speed. Still, the icy track might give you a spin. Ice Karting race gives you something to talk about on the way home! Level of difficulty: easy Approximate duration: about 1 hour Price includes warm up laps, qualification and the race, equipment and guiding Bookings on the spot on Monday!


Breakfast at the Klubi Restaurant.

Today we will spend the whole day with Sirpa and Katja. We will explore the area of Klubi a bit, there are many buildings, all in the typical and peculiar style of Klubi. One place of interest is the Kota. Kota is a Lappish tee-pee style hut, resembling the dwellings of the Sámi people as they still lived as nomads. In the Kota the central thing is the open fireplace in the middle. Together we will cook a delicious lunch by the fire and learn a lot about local cuisine in between. Sirpa is happy to share some of her recipes with you and has written down some for you to bring home. You are able to cook a taste-memory of Lapland and Isokenkäisten Klubi at home!

Salmon is a tasty fish and even tastier it gets when prepared slowly by the fire. Together we will put a large salmon on the fire and leave it there to cook and now we know what is for dinner tonight… The salmon requires time and careful monitoring, a few strokes of butter and water. Something else that takes a while to prepare is the smoke sauna

lauteillaThe smoke sauna of Isokenkäisten Klubi is the pride and joy of family Kämäräinen. The smoke sauna has been awarded with seven stars and offers aromatic heat and wellbeing for its visitors. Make sure to watch how the smoke sauna is heated, you will for sure have time, as it takes up to 8 hours to heat. When it is time for sauna, you will get some turf to pamper your skin with and a plunge into the ice hole will for sure get your adrenalin to rush!

After sauna dinner is served, and the tasty salmon has the leading role in tonight’s dinner table.


Breakfast at the Klubi Restaurant.

Husky Program: Today you will get nice visitors from husky farm to Klubi. At the beginning of your journey we will tell you about the equipment and how to drive a sled, and after that it is time to meet the athletes! If you like, we will show you how to put a harness on the dog and you get to harness some of the dogs in your team. Once we start to hook them up with the sleds, you can really feel and hear the enthusiasm – the huskies indeed love to run!!

The 5 km trail goes along our private trails through the forest and lakes and is easy to drive (at least if you listen carefully the driving instructions!). Our guide will be in front of your team driving a snow scooter just to make sure everything goes well and is ready to help you if needed. At halfway we take a short break and can change drivers of the sled.

Bookings on the spot.

Lunch & dinner at Klubi Restaurant. Possibility to enjoy the indoors (electric) sauna at the Klubi.

Day 8 Sunday – DEPARTURE

Breakfast at the Klubi Restaurant.
Transfer to the airport

Thank you for visiting us! Have a safe trip back home and see you next time!


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