Exciting bear watching evening and hike to the magnificent Kuntivaara Hill 2 days

In the wilderness, near the Russian border, you will get an experience you'll never forget. Accompanied with our expert guide, you will encounter bears and other wild animals eye to eye in the wild.

You will stay at Wilderness Hotel Kortteeri at Isokenkäisten Klubi. The Klubi hostesses will prepare you a delicious home-cooked gourmet dinner which will be served in the comfortable Private Restaurant Klubi.

You can admire the stunning view which opens from the top of Kuntivaara Hill and reaches all the way to Russia. On the top of the hill there is a Lappish hut where a tasty picnic lunch is served.

Duration 2 days / 1 night

Time May-August 

Package includes

  • Accommodation in double rooms in Wilderness Hotel Kortteeri.
  • Dinner, picnic lunch x 2 and full country breakfast.
  • Bear watching with an expert guide.
  • Guided hike to Kuntivaara Hill and Nordic walking sticks.
  • The price does not include hiking boots, outdoor clothes or transportation.


Day 1

  • The hostesses welcome you to Isokenkäisten Klubi.
  • Settling in the comfortable rooms of Wilderness Hotel Kortteeri. Each room has on-suite shower and toilet.
  • Time to rest and enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness.
  • Delicious home-cooked gourmet dinner is served in our comfortable main hall.
  • Your bear watching guide tells you about bears and gives instructions for the evening’s activity.
  • Transport (10 min.) and a 10-minute hike to the bear viewing booth.
  • The bears of the eastern border follow their own schedule, but usually they come to eat here every evening. We don’t want to disturb their eating ritual, and therefore we stay in the booth, waiting quietly for the evening’s show. During the evening there is a possibility to see several bears and other wild forest animals and birds in their natural environment. 
  • The bears continue their journey and we return to Isokenkäisten Klubi to dream about bears.

Day 2

  • Full country breakfast in the comfortable main hall of Klubi.
  • After breakfast the guide will take us to Kuntivaara Hill (15 min.), where we begin a hike towards the peak.
  • On the way the guide tells you about life in the northern wilderness. We stop to admire the age-old, magnificent trees and other natural wonders of the forest.
  • Wonderful view reaching all the way over the Russian border opens from the top of Kuntivaara Hill. Instead of music, we are listening to the sounds of the wilderness. 
  • Delicious picnic lunch is served in a Lappish hut, and we start the hike down the hill.
  • Transfer back to Isokenkäisten Klubi.
  • Time to leave for home… bye, bye! Welcome back to wonder the quiet of the wilderness on the eastern border! 

Our popular additional services

  • Our cottages are fully equipped and we can recommend them to small groups and families.
  • The traditional Seven Star Smoke Sauna gives you an unforgettable bathing experience. 

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